Kai started an intensive self investigation about music and dance, in his newest solo 'Synästhesie'. He questioned his personal history of music and dance in the contemporary and urban world, showed tremendous emotional power when expressing his confusion, insistence and obsession. At the end he worked and walked through, and let all of them go. We can expect a new relationship to dance and music to emerge from him.

'Focusing on one simple thing can be the most transformative thing. Though narrow, it can be infinitely deep.' The 'WHIRLING LADDER' series is an experimental, radical approach to dance making. After her 'Montage' experience in the Kurt Jooss prize winning piece 'Being Far Away From', Chun enters a new period of focusing on one scenic picture the entire time, and intentionally weaken the expression of the face. Her questions are: is theater experience only interesting because of its movement in the defined space and time--'stage'? How else can I direct the observation, to express some unexplored dimensions? Inspired by her mediation practice, she is concentrating on the 'singularity', where energy is condensed, 'time' has not  taken off and formed space yet.

In 'Ein Abend der kurzen Stücke', the oracle book 'I Ching' has given inspiration to the choreography. The evening fused the eastern philosophy and western physical expression, created special world extremely close to the heart.

The both graduation pieces choreographed by Chun and Kai with the same group of dancers in Folkwang Dance Studio were nominated for Kurt Jooss Preis 2019. They show immense potential and power, also interesting differences in the two artists approach and expression. In 'being far away from', Chun experimented the technique 'montage', in which the dancers run in and out of the stage, scenes show up and disappear. With 29 light ques in 30 minutes, she captures the fleeing nature of human sensation, memory and how these bump into each other in the same or different ranges of consciousness. Kai Strathmann establishes a beautiful meditative experience with slow motion, where the tiniest mood change could be observed and appreciated.