'YIBU' is a contemporary dance ensemble founded in 2019 by the choreographer couple Chun Zhang and Kai Strathmann. 'Yibu, Yibu', means step by step in Chinese: fundamental, original and steady. The direction is clear: going back to movement. Instead of making dance steps to interpret themes or ideas, they find new concepts to invent creative movements, so that the movement composition became an independent art craft and art form. Their inventions influence the society and life by triggering new aesthetic emotions and empathy.

Since 2015, the first day of their master study in Choreography in the Folkwang University of Arts, Chun and Kai started to work and create together as a team. Their graduate productions with the Folkwang Tanzstudio are both nominated by the renowned Kurt Jooss Preis in 2019, Chun won the final prize with her piece 'Being Far Away From'. In the same year, they founded YIBU Dance, bases in NRW, Germany. As life long passionate, dedicated movers and researchers , they bring dance and concept together.

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