Moving is the form of liveliness.

The mover and the being moved create each other simultaneously.

The Icosahedron
When the saggital  plane, vertical plane and horizontal plane combines to one form, they create twelve corners, thirty lines, twenty surfaces - Icosahedron. Within this form, it is the most efficient and diverse way to move on earth. Fits to the golden ratio, totally different from the moving range of Ballet.

The Triangle System

Within the Icosahedron, there are twenty 3-Rings that connect three corners of horizontal plane, sagittal plane

and vertical plane. There are eight different leading points of the body and five different ways to define the connection through movements. There are endless possibilities to generate movements within these rules.

The Base Triplets

The number 1(vertical plane), 2(sagittal plane), 3(horizontal plane)

define the three corners within a 3-Ring. By changing the sequence

and the combination of the three numbers, such as 123, 231, 312 etc., the phrasing of the movements changes. Just like the genetic base triplets, the combination of the three alphabets shows the character of the elements, such as UAC=Tyrosin, UCC=Serin etc.

So the creation of the movements are like the creation of life.

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