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Foto: Kai Strathmann

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Foto: Murat Alkan

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An evening of short pieces

In this evening of short pieces, YIBU DANCE elegantly presents its aesthetic and philosophy about dance and life in three parts:

1:6 - When the merry lake sits on the sturdiness of the mountain, one ascends and the other descends. The lake nourishes the mountain, while it is the mountain that causes the rain to fall and fill the lake. Just like human relationships, when they come from the heart, transformation happens. When they come out of the brain, there will be gaps. We all dance like this between heaven and earth. 

SLIDING - observation, perception, attention. When we look deep into the tunnel of life, we see the light at the end.

5:1 – “The fire breaks out from deep under the earth, illuminates and adorns the high mountain. But it cannot override the essence of the mountain. Here is also the question: when we are on stage, does the ambition of the ego override the real self?´ Three women refer to mask self, lower self and higher self, which never really exist.

The 64 hexagrams from the 7000 year old book "I Ching" serve as inspiration for this. These hexagrams or figures are abstract notations of the eight elements of nature: sky, earth, fire, water, wind, thunder, mountain and swamp. This philosophy, which deals with constant change, has been passed on for generations. Their interpretations are also a revelation of how man can influence his own destiny.

As a choreographic signature, we have developed a movement system called the Triangle System, which is based on our skills in the
Areas of Chinese Dance, Chinese Opera, Ballet, Popping, Hip Hop, Jooss Leeder Technique, and Pilates
Laban motion analysis.It is the geometric shape icosahedron:the
most efficient and versatile movement module in the world due to our bone structure and its perfect
Adaptation to the golden ratio. This invention helped us to be free of style and technology, so the
movement composition became an independent handicraft and an independent art.
secondly, freed from the aesthetics of ballet, which mainly moves in the octahedron, but nonetheless the
ensures healthy and economical use of the dancer's body. We recently got those too
relationship between this system and the DNA base triplets discovered, which is even more diverse and
offers more restrictive mathematical rules to enrich our choreography.The numbers 1(vertical
plane),2(sagittal plane),3(horizontal plane) define the three corners within an icosahedron.By Modifying
The order and combination of the three numbers like 123, 231, 312 etc. changes the phrasing of the
Movements. Just like the triplets of the genetic basis, the combination of the three alphabets shows the
Difference of amino acids like UAC = tyrosine, UCC = serine etc. Our concept of
Choreography-"Choreography means creating new forms of liveliness" that of Pina Bausch
was influenced is basically practiced here with our own approach.

Choreografie/Kostüm/Lichtdesign: Chun Zhang

Kostümherstellung: Anne Bentgens

Musik: Nils Frahm-E-Piano

Choreografische Assistenz/Dokumentation: Kai Strathmann

Tanz: Ludovica Pinna, Francesca Pavesio, Tian Gao, Chun Zhang

Foto: Kai Strathmann, Murat Alkan

45 Minuten

Premiere: Online-Plattform der Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf 2020

Gefördert durch: Kurt Jooss Förderpreis 2019

Choreography/Costume/Light design: Chun Zhang

Costume Making: Anne Bentgens

Music: Nils Frahm-Electric Piano

Choreographic Assistant/Documentation: Kai Strathmann

Dance: Ludovica Pinna, Francesca Pavesio, Tian Gao

Photo: Kai Strathmann, Murat Alkan

45 minutes

Premier: (with old name 1:6|5:1)International Tanzmesse Düsseldorf 2020 online plattform

Funded by Kurt Jooss Prize 2019.