concepts and material

I. To choreograph is to create new forms of liveliness.


III. The mover and the space define and create each other simultaneously.

what? Creative movements of the human body, objects and space time, out of the context of any traditional style and genre.
why? The beauty of movement lies in the intention from necessity and individuality-liveliness.
How? The Yibu System

The Icosahedron
When the saggital  plane, vertical plane and horizontal plane combines to one form, they create twelve corners, thirty lines, twenty surfaces - Icosahedron. Within this form, it is the most efficient and diverse way to move on earth. Fits to the golden ratio, totally different from the moving range of Ballet.

The triangle system

Within the Icosahedron, there are twenty 3-Rings that connect three corners.

Our experiences in Chinese dance, Qi Gong, Laban and Bartenieff movement system, Popping, LA style, Pilates, Meditation and Yoga constantly enrich our practice.

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